On the subject of the Large Hadron Collider


On the subject of the Large Hadron Collider


I just posted this as a reply under my real name, (as Christielle Keenan is my pen name) to somone’s opinion on an issue of the LHC (Large Hadron Collider), and I wanted to share it here…

His comment:

I have been looking at the coments expressed here and have concluded that some people are from a place where the laser does not exist or any of the hundreds of discoveries that science has made and are used every day particle physice is trying to find the building blocks of the universe. And it will possibly one day save us all


To Harvey I am compelled to reply:

While I agree that scientist have made great strides in medicine (especially cancer) and other areas, one day, instead of saving us, they may actually destroy us all.

Perhaps you should consider, for just a moment, that ‘man’ as a species, should not know the secrets to everything. That life ‘should’ hold some mystery. That, if scientists take the ‘wonder’ out of life, we would consider our pompous selves as gods to the rest of the universe, thinking we are superior in every way (as we already do comparing ourselves to the rest of the species on this planet).

And how, pray tell, would this work out for a mass population of humans who believe themselves Gods exactly? What would we, as a race of superior beings, choose to do with our time? Seek admiration from the Universe? From those less fortunate than us? From those we left behind?

One would hope that a ‘God’ would use his/her time by helping the poor, sick and unfortunate; but have we not illustrated thus far that, as a united human race, we are not ready for such? There are starving and suffering, diseased and dying people everywhere, and we choose to use the earth’s resources to tear apart the universe’s very particles to see what’s inside? Like curious impetuous children tearing apart a toy to see its parts.

We are not ready to be ‘Gods’. We have a lot to learn about what it is to be ‘human’ first. We should learn unified sharing, kindness, free learning for all. We should practice loving each other. Feeding the starving, treating our elderly with respect. Housing the homeless. Nurturing our children from the womb so they will not turn to drugs or gang violence. Coming together as a United EARTH. Learning new ways of living other than big business and high finance. Stop stepping on the heads of the less fortunate to get on a higher rung of the ladder to success.

WE should learn to learn, and not repeat our mistakes. AND, WE should concentrate on saving the planet. Stop polluting the air, the water and the land. I almost used OUR planet, but it isn’t OUR planet is it? We only live here, as tenants. And as tenants, we should be guarding and keeping ‘her’ safe, so that the next generation has a place to call home.

We must ‘evolve’ as a unified people, but it is important ‘how’ we evolve. Apologies for the ramble .

Oh, and I should have also included, so you think the Atom Bomb was a great discovery/invention? Hmmm.



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